sábado, 15 de março de 2008

Auditory Illusions / Ilusões Sonoros

Auditory Illusions /Ilusões Sonoros, virtual sounds

These are called Holophonic sounds and are made to be listened to with headphones. They are recorded with a dummy head that has two microphones, one in each ear. The shape of the head and ears must be similar to a human head.

The best is a Virtual HairCut.Listen all sounds with your Head Phone.

The Holophonic Matchbox , A Woman’s Voice, Blow Drying, Tuning Fork, Shears, Dogs Running ,Dogs Barking ,Loud Frogs ,Sexy Woman’s Invitation,Jazz Band,
Flutes in Singapore ,Digital Vivaldi ,Crumpling Bag.

Download or streaming these sounds

Pegue o seu fone de ouvido estéreo e coloque nos seus ouvidos (onde mais você poderia colocar???), entrando neste site, ouça os sons e sinta como se fosse algo real.

Está pronto pra ir no barbeiro? The Virtual Haircut.
Ouça estes e outros sons virtuais.

Você pode ouvir online ou baixar o arquivo zipado.

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