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Mario Themes - Nintendo 64 N64 Midi Music Ringtones

Super Mario Themes - Mario Themes - Nintendo 64  N64 Midi Music Ringtones

Sons do Mario - Músicas do Nintendo 64 em Midi
Mario Music Midi Sounds

Super Mario 64

Bowser's Domain - "Koopa's Road"
Bowser's Message
Course 1 - Bob-Omb Battlefield - "Super Mario 64 Main Theme"
Course 3 - "Water"
Course 4 - Cool, Cool Mountain
Course 6 - Hazy Maze Cave
Course Start
Ending and Credits
Endless Stairs
Final Bowser Theme
Final Bowser Theme (Orchestrated)
Haunted Merry-Go-Round
Inside the Castle Walls (Mario Circuit Arrangement)
Inside the Castle Walls (Remix)
Koopa's Theme
Main Theme
Metallic Mario
Opening Theme
Piranha Plant's Lullaby
Select a File
The Princess's Secret Slide - "Slider"
Title Theme
Toad's Message
Wing Cap - "Powerful Mario"

Mario Golf

Boo Classic
Boo Valley
Final Results 1
Final Results 2
Koopa Cup
Koopa Park
Main Menu
Mario Open
Mario's Star
Match Course 5 (SBLive!)
Ring Shot
Ring Shot Menu
Shy Guy Desert
Shy Guy International
Speed Golf
Stroke Course 2 (SBLive!)
Sudden Death
Title Screen
Toad Highlands
Toad Highlands (Arranged)
Toad Tournament
Yoshi Championship
Yoshi's Island

Mario Kart 64

Awards Screen
Battle Results
Bowser's Castle
Ending Credits
Frappe Snowland
GP Lose
Kalimari Desert
Koopa Troopa Beach
Mario Raceway
Rainbow Road
Retry, Quit Screen
Select Screens
Title Screen
Toad's Turnpike
Yoshi Valley

Mario Party

Adventure Begins (AWE) (v1.51)
Bowser's Magma Mountain
Bowser's Theme
DK's Jungle Adventure
Eternal Star
Here's The Star
Let's Go Lightly
Luigi's Engine Room
Mario's Rainbow Castle
Mini Game - Ducking And Dodging
Mini Game - Faster Than All
Mini Game - Full Of Danger
Mini Game - The Wide, Wide Ocean
Mini Games Island
Mini-Game Stadium
Mushroom Bank
Mushroom Shop
Mushroom Village
Option House
Peach's Birthday Cake (Orchestrated)
Peach's Birthday Cake (v1.2)
Playing the Game (v2.11)
Power of Stars
Saving Courage
Taking Coins
The Stolen Star (v1.1)
Title Screen - "Mario Party Theme"
Wario's Battle Canyon
Yoshi's Tropical Island

Mario Party 2

Bowser Land
Coaster World 1
Coaster World 2 (Double Remix)
Coaster World 3 (Single Remix)
Coaster World 4 (Hip Hop Remix)
Coaster World 5 (Duo Remix)
Coaster World 6 (Hermit Remix)
Coaster World 7 (Speed Remix)
Coaster World 8 (Survival Remix)
Duel Time!
Here's The Star
Horror Land
In The Pipe
Know What I Mean?
Look Away (SB Live!)
Mini Game - The Blue Skies Yonder
Mini Game Land
Move to the Music: Rhythm Shakers
Space Land (v2)
The Adventure Begins
The Way To Play
Welcome to Mario Land
Western Land

Mario Party 3

Battle Room
Chance Time!
Duel Map
Game Guy
Game Setup (v1.1)
Here's the Star
Item Mini-Game
Item Mini-Game (Boss Remix) (SB Live!)
Peach's Castle Grounds
Rules Map
The Adventure Ends
Title Screen

Mario Tennis

Donkey Kong Court
Main Menu
Round 2 - Tournament
Tournament Mode
Yoshi Court

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